Community Outraged Over Mass Shooting at Family Gathering in Syracuse

Scene of Midland Ave. shooting

As loved ones come together to comfort each other after a mass shooting at a family gathering, police were back at the scene Friday.

"We have our police department fully mobilized. It doesn’t happen again,” Mayor Ben Walsh said.

Police were out checking area cameras. It is unclear if last night's violence was caught on camera.

"You had a family gathering together, and this happened," Walsh added.

The gunfire rang out in Councilor Latoya Allen's district.

“Somebody went to sleep last night with a shooter in their house. Somebody woke up this morning with a shooter in their house, but you’re not saying a thing,” she said.

Allen said she and many neighbors in her district are now angry and frustrated. She said in too many of these incidents, someone knows something but no one steps up with information.

“It cannot continue to happen, and we absolutely need the community’s help to make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” Allen added.

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