Community says 'enough is enough' after 12-year-old is shot and killed in Syracuse

Community says 'enough is enough' after 12-year-old is shot and killed in Syracuse

The dreary and rainy day matches the mood of many on the Northside of Syracuse. As the community comes to grips with another child falling victim to gun violence, this time, a 12-year-old boy.

Floyd Lighthall has lived in the area for years. He says the violence has gotten bad.

"You can't walk in your neighborhood anymore," he added.

Lighthall said just this week someone was robbed and beat up by his house, but the shooting death of 12-year-old James Springer, III leaves him searching for words.

Patricia Rouse also lives in the area and is a grandmother.

"It's just awful. It hurts me because I have little ones too. Grandkids also and it's hurtful," she added.

Rouse says she spends a lot of time praying for the end of violence her community.

"It is tragic. It hurts me to see littles ones out here getting hurt and killed."

Others are out on the front line in the fight to stop this madness. Lepa Jones is the President of Mothers Against Gun Violence. She was at city hall talking to Mayor Ben Walsh.

"It's just at a point now. It's unbelievable," Jones said.

For Jones, it is personal. She lost two of her children to violence. She is calling for unity and says her organization can't do it alone and is asking for help from the community.

"I'm going to keep spreading the word and letting people know that enough is enough and it's time for us to stand together. We are losing our children," she added.

Jones said gun violence is a problem with no easy solution, but anything is possible.

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