Computer eye strain is painful and irritating, but doesn't cause permanent damage

Most of us, spend most of our days, staring at a screen. The average american now spends eight and a half hours in front of the computer. Add smartphones, ipads, and tablets to the mix and you have a recipe for computer vision syndrome.

Dr. Joseph Ditota of Eyecare CNY says it's painful and irritating, but luckily it doesn't cause any permanent damage.

"There is no pathological disease. A lot of symptomatic headaches, dry eye, painful eye, fuzzy vision the following day because now your muscles are just cramped in that position," says Ditota.

One of the ways prevent the symptoms of glare is take your computer screen and tilt it up 10 degrees that way the glare will go over your eyes instead of straight into them.

Another good solution is eye solutions. Dr. Ditota says you should keep artificial tears next to your desk and allow yourself to take breaks.

"Every 20 minutes look out at the distance. It will be fuzzy because your eyes will be locked and fatigued in that close vision but if you look out in the distance it relaxes the muscles and stretches the muscles," says Ditota.

It's not a deadly disease, but something to keep an eye on.

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