Concerned travelers can view aircraft history with online database

Concerned travelers can view aircraft history with online database

With spring break on the horizon for many in Central New York, this is expected to be a busy few weeks at Hancock Airport in Syracuse.

However, with the recent grounding of all Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircrafts in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash, concerns grow among some flyers about how safe they are in the sky.

Randy Martin, a traveler at the Hancock Airport, said that he checked in on the plane that was set to take him to Florida.

“I actually like to know what I’m flying on,” said Martin. “I just wanted to make sure. I wanted to see what kind of plane it was.”

Another traveler, Barbara Hawley, said that the Boeing news made her a bit uneasy. However, she would prefer to not know the history of the aircraft.

“If it’s not good, I don’t wanna know,” said Hawley. “I just kind of put my faith and trust in the airlines and the pilot, and I go.”

For those that prefer to know, The National Transportation Safety Board gives travelers like Martin information about an aircraft’s history and any accidents it may have been involved in.

Skift Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan said that the NTSB datatbase is a great way to go in terms of the whole history of the aircraft and whether it's safe or not.

The editor also said that the airline should be able to give information on the aircraft’s history.

“Usually when you book your ticket you can check on the airline's app,” said Unnikrishnan. “Most airlines tell you what aircraft type you'll be flying. Or you can always check at the gate.”

Experts say you can also call your airline directly and ask about what plane you'll be flying on and have the option to decide what to do from there.

“Confidence in flying is emotional,” said Unnikrishnan. “If you feel as a travelerthat you do not want to travel on this aircraft, you should be able to check what kind of aircraft your flight is scheduled to be on and make a decision based on that.”

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