Warnings for ice fishermen, with coming storm

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This afternoon's warm-up (temperatures above freezing with a high in the 50s in much of Central NY) and the prospects of rain have made for warnings about the safety of lake ice, and concerns about ice anglers.

>Update: Oneida Sheriff Robert Maciol has just (12:25pm) issued a statement urging everyone to stay off all Oneida County lakes & waterways, until further notice, 'for the safety of ice fishermen, snowmobilers, and first responding rescue personnel.'

>In Oswego County, Emergency Management Director Dale Currier is especially concerned about Sandy Pond and nearby areas.
>Oneida Lake is already considered unsafe. Rob Goffredo from Oneida Bait and Tackle says he would not be surprised if the whole ice surface breaks up over the next couple days. He's already warning customers not to go on the ice (He's closed his bait shop today & Monday)
>Jefferson County has also put out a warning against ice fishing on Lake Ontario in the Chaumont area.
>The NY Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a warning against ice fishing on Lake Erie, urging anglers to stay off the lake entirely because of storm-related changing lake levels that could make the ice unsafe.

Goffredo says the storm warnings for the ENTIRE Great Lakes have not been this strong, since November of 1975, when the ore tanker Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship on the Great Lakes, sank in stormy Lake Superior.

For more on ice fishing safety precautions, check these DEC guidelines:

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