Data shows crime rates spike in summer months

Data shows crime rates spike in summer months

It's not hard to notice: crime rates going up with the temperatures.

"I think sometimes when the weather gets warmer, sometimes there are more people out, so they interact more. And sometimes you have some instances which might raise some activity," Syracuse resident Dave Doherty said.

The Syracuse Police Department records show in 2016, crimes like homicide, rape, robbery, and assault were highest from July through September in the Downtown, Near West Side and South Side areas.

"I guess hearing that I'd be like, 'Oh maybe we should be like a little more protected,'" Tyler Cavanagh said.

As we approach summer, Cavanagh is just one of many neighbors with that concern.

"I moved to Syracuse in '65. I mean it was lovely," Orange Williams said. "You know, there was nothing they could steal on your porch all night. Nobody bothered you, but now you gotta lock everything up."

A reality Williams finds disappointing and scary.

"I mean we just got shot up about a week ago. My grandkids and my own lady, we all had to get on the floor," he added.

A few weeks ago, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler and Mayor Ben Walsh stood together to say violent crimes will not be tolerated in this area, an effort Williams appreciates, but says isn't enough.

"The police is only going to do so much," he said.

Williams is pushing for the community to come together to lower those statistics.

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