Congressman Tom Reed speaks on Comey testimony

Rep. Tom Reed / CNYCentral File

Former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday.

In a statement released Thursday, Congressman Tom Reed responded to Comey's testimony.

"Former FBI Director Comey testified that neither the president nor his aides asked him to stop the Russia probe or to drop the Flynn probe and that there was no obstruction of justice," Reed said. "We are pleased investigations are moving forward and confident in the process; however, they must not obstruct the progress of governing in Washington. Congress must remain focused on serving the American people by moving important healthcare and tax reform legislation forward."

In his opening statement, Comey outlined his many encounters with President Donald Trump. Comey said he was confused by the White Houses decision to fire him. He said he believed the president tried to defame and discredit the FBI.

Comey's written opening statement was released Wednesday afternoon.

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