Construction crews make final push to finish Expo Center before state fair

expo center .png

It is the largest construction project of a building in the state fair's history.

Now, more than 200 workers are pushing to finish the new Exposition Center before opening day.

"It's been an amazing process, and here we are seven months later. Another month or so, we're going to open this building up," Troy Waffner, acting fair director, said.

Come fair time the Expo Center is going to be filled with events.

Fair organizers are moving the sand sculpture, and the "I Love New York" exhibit to it.

An ice rink will also take up a portion of the massive 136,000 square foot building.

The new Expo Center is by far the biggest building on the New York state fairgrounds.

At nearly 450 feet long, the new Expo Center is so big the Statue of Liberty can be stuffed inside with room to spare.

Fair organizers said they are also concentrating on what happens after fair season.

So far, they have booked nine events from September to December and are looking toward 2019 and beyond.

"What this building is going to do for us all year round is going to be amazing in terms of these big shows we can bring in as well as adding to the number of shows we can host over the weekend," Waffner said.

The New York State Fair opens up August 23 and runs through September 3.

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