Construction phase of Connective Corridor Project completed

Sen. Chuck Schumer/ CNYCentral Brandon Roth

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Senator Chuck Schumer announced today the construction phase of the Connective Corridor Project linking Syracuse University and Downtown Syracuse has been completed.

New pavers will be the last part of a 2-mile long corridor from the SU Hill to Downtown filled with bike lanes, walkways, green streets and attractions all designed to bring the university and the city together.

"You can witness its success by looking at Downtown Syracuse or Armory Square on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night it's packed with students and young people and then other people are coming, too, so it's been a huge, huge success," Sen. chuck Schumer said.

The nearly $30 million project was made possible with funding from federal, state and local agencies, including a $10 million grant from the state. In addition, to roadway improvements, 56 buildings have had facade improvesments and extra lightning and landscaping has been added across the entire route.

"The activation of the corridor and really the work that remains is how do we make people aware of this work. How do we get people to use this new infrastructure. How do we increase the connection between University Hill and Downtown," Syracuse Deputy Planning Director Owen Kerney said.

Next up for the corridor will be the addition of public works created by artists from around the world.

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