Controversial billboard turning heads on I-690

Controversial billboard turning heads on I-690

A Controversial billboard on Interstate-690 east near State Fair Boulevard is turning heads.

An advertisement runs every 20 seconds or so and features what appears to be GOP or Grand Old Party, but instead of an O, there are Soviet-era symbols which are associated with communism.

The billboard was put up by the political action committee, Flip NY 24. The chairperson of Flip NY 24 said the billboard was designed by Mad Dog PAC.

Mad Dog PAC is a Maryland based PAC, and is responsible for putting the same billboard up in at least five different states. At the bottom corner of this specific ad is #KatkoMustGo.

"I've seen that. It's ridiculous. I mean we should be talking about the issues and the things that unite us instead of what divides us," Representative John Katko (R-24) said.

CNYCentral has reached out to Dana Balter's campaign with specific questions about this billboard, and they have not responded.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated SwingLeft was partially responsible for putting up the billboard. In fact a different organization, Flip NY 24,put up the billboard and was designed by Mad Dog PAC.

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