Convicted ax murderer found guilty in fatal Court Street fire from 2016

Shaun Bowen, 48/Syracuse Police Department

A jury found Shaun Bowen guilty on Thursday for a fatal fire back in 2016, which killed 49-year-old Richard Fabrizio.

Bowen was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree arson, and second degree criminal mischief, and his sentencing is scheduled for December 13, at 11 a.m.

Police say Bowen started the fire at the Court Street residence after he was asked to leave the building multiple times on May 2nd.

Bowen allegedly put a 20 pound propane tank in an oven and turned it on.

In court documents, police say Bowen knew other people were inside the building, when he put the propane tank in the oven.

Bowen was also convicted in 1993 for killing his roommate with an ax.

In that case, evidence showed Bowen struck his roommate twice with an ax, once on the side of the head and once on the base of the skull, severing his spine. Court documents also show Bowen stabbed the victim in the neck and chest.

Bowen spent 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to that murder.

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