Convicted rapist Ronald Cook facing new charges

Ronald Cook/Oneida County Jail

Ronald Cook was arrested by Binghamton Police and will be arraigned on new charges at Rome City Court for tampering with his GPS ankle bracelet.

According to a lieutenant with Binghamton Police, Cook was eating at a local restaurant on Saturday when 911 got the call from people at the restaurant who recognized him.

WBNG reports that Cook was found at Little Venice Restaurant on Chenango Street in Binghamton. Police would not identify the name of the restaurant.

They say the key to this arrest, were the people who were alert and took action.

"They were able to recognize the person from different media outlets. The broadcast of his picture led him to be recognized, and led to the suspect to be taken into custody," Binghamton Police Lt. Cory Minor said.

The state says Cook is being transported back to the Oneida County Jail Monday.

Oneida County district Attorney Scott McNamara said Cook could be charged with Criminal Mischief in connection to tampering with his ankle bracelet.

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