Cornell Biologist says it's too soon for Zika scare in CNY

ZIKA VO_frame_27.png

ITHACA --- Are Zika concerns being over-blown?

Laura Harrington, Chair of Cornell's Entomology Department, says we shouldn't be as concerned about Zika here in Central New York. She says the threat of Zika actually spreading in our communities is very slim, and that officials should focus on other mosquito-borne illnesses prevalent in our area.

Harrington says while there is cause for concern in those Zika affected areas, she says there is no risk of locally transmitted Zika in Upstate and Central New York.

"Occasionally we might find one or two of these mosquitoes up here in Upstate New York, but not enough to really sustain transmission of Zika. So, there's no risk of Zika. However there is risk of mosquito-borne infections," says Harrington.

Instead of hyper focusing on Zika in Upstate New York, Harrington believes we should be paying closer attention to other mosquito-borne infections, like EEE and West Nile, because that's more prevalent in our area.

"I don't think we should be unnecessarily be scaring people, talking about the threat of Zika," says Harrington.

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