Coroner issues warning after spike in overdoses in Cayuga County

Dr. Adam Duckett, Cayuga County Coroner

In Cayuga County four people have died from drug overdoses in a seven day period.

It's caused the County Coroner Dr. Adam Duckett to issue a warning via social media.

Dr. Duckett has been coroner for three years and works as a physician in Auburn. He's seen the worst of addiction in the community he grew up in.

"When you see a trend like that you have to do something to let people know to be careful because it's very scary that you see something where almost every other day someone was dying," Dr. Duckett said.

His post on social media has more than 470 shares and a number of comments thanking him for the information.

He says it'll take time to determine the exact causes of death for the four most recent individuals, but there is clearly a problem desperate for a solution.

"We know very well how bad this is, but once we get Albany to fully understand what it's like to go to a scene and put a young teenager in a body bag...they don't understand what we're actually seeing," he said.

Dr. Duckett says addiction does not discriminate, and he encourages people to ask for help that could save their lives.

"These people don't deserve to die. They don't want to die. They're not trying to die. They're battling a disease, an illness that pushes them to do this, and we have to start fighting it."

Confidential Help For Alcohol and Drugs (CHAD) in Auburn is a recommended resource for those struggling with addiction in Cayuga County.

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