Could CNY be the home of the next Amazon HQ?

Could CNY be the home of the next Amazon HQ

Amazon is looking to build its "HQ2" in a metro area with more than one million people, somewhere with an international airport, and access to mass transit options.

The headquarters would grow to include as many as 50,000 high paying jobs.

In the proposal from seven Central New York counties, Centerstate CEO says the region could give the company huge savings. More than eight billion dollars, over a decade.

Plus, the cost of living in Central New York is half that of Seattle.

This region also has something no other place in America has, a private airspace for drones. Which could make for a great testing ground for Amazon's "prime air" delivery drones.

Residents had mixed reviews when they heard Amazon was looking for a city to build its second headquarters.

"I just don't think economically they are going to provide the foundation that Amazon is looking for," Dennis, a Central New York resident said.

"Of course it's realistic, we got the people that need jobs," Eric Lent said.

Syracuse's top selling points in the proposal include low cost of operations, sustainable development, open airspace for drones testing package delivery, and the opportunity to reduce poverty with more jobs.

"We have a strong case to be made as it relates to not only the cost of operations and being able to save a lot of money by being here, but also the unmanned systems work that's being done in this region as it relates to drone delivery, which is something that's very important to Amazon," Andrew Fisher said.

But for a couple who raised a family in Central New York, they say there's not enough people here to fill the 50,000 positions. And there's not enough of an incentive for people to move here.

"Maybe if it was in a larger scale if we are a city that has maybe four or five times the population, it would be more likely for them to consider coming here," Dennis said.

Others say it's a prime location, with the ability to easily travel to New York City or Canada from Central New York.

"You need businesses to support them and I think it would also have a lot of people graduate Syracuse University give them a reason to stay in Syracuse," John Boyle said.

Syracuse is In competition with other cities in New York including New York City, Albany, and the Rochester and Buffalo areas that submitted a joint proposal.

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