Could drones give CNY a shot at being Amazon's new second headquarters?

Drone demonstration done by Skyop LLC from Rochester.

Drones are being tested to work in different industries and Amazon is on the hunt for what they call an HQ2, or a second headquarters.

The deadline to apply is Thursday. Experts say Central New York could be a good place for the company to test out drone package delivery.

Skyop is a drone training company out of Rochester. They say there's a lot of open airspace in CNY.

"I would say that Amazon being able to deliver packages is maybe four years away, just to take a wild guess," explained Brian Pitre, Co-Founder of Skyop, "Is it going to be spurred by the technology and the resources that are here in Central New York? The answer is absolutely. And it's going to continue to create jobs and change how business is done."

Centerstate CEO is leading the charge with seven counties in Central New York to attract Amazon.

"We have a strong case to be made as it relates to not only the cost of operations and being able to save a lot of money by being here," explained Andrew Fish, "but also the unmanned systems work that's being done in this region as it relates to drone delivery, which is something that's very important to Amazon."

But even if Central New York isn't the HQ2, Centerstate CEO wants to explore working with Amazon.

"We do want them to still consider hey we're going to work on some of our drone technologies in your region in this corridor and we're still going to have some growth in jobs in that community anyway," said Fish.

Meantime experts say the sky's the limit, literally.

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