Court documents shed new light on firefighter facing criminal charges

Station 5 is where court documents say a lewd sexual act took place in early January of this year.

Court documents are now shedding new light on a Utica City firefigher facing criminal charges.

Court records say that he performed a lewd sexual act in the firehouse targeting a female firefighter.

48-year-old Richard Forte denied any knowledge of the incident that damaged his co-worker's pants.

For that, police investigators are also charging him with providing a false statement

The victim describes working an overnight shift at station 5 — on Van Rensselaer Avenue — and Forte admits he was there to familiarize himself with a new truck before his shift.

The victim returned from a call and reported that clothes she left on her bed had been tampered with.

She said "when I went to put my fatigues on, I noticed they were damp and when I felt and looked closer, I saw a white residue," adding "I decided that I would never wear those pants again."

A city court judge ordered Forte to give a DNA sample — a decision he fought in court.

"I do not feel comfortable giving a bucal (DNA) Swab without a lawyer because [the victim] has a past that makes me uneasy and hard to trust," Forte said.

Two other male firefighters gave police statements that support the victim's account.

Forte is due back in Utica City Court next month.

CNYCentral reached out o the Utica City Fire Chief to ask if Forte is still on the job. The chief said he couldn't comment.

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