Court Papers: Brockport teacher sexually attracted to his kindergarten students

After the raid, Yockel allegedly told authorities that he was addicted to child pornography and that he was sexually attracted to his students. (WHAM photos)

A Brockport kindergarten teacher arrested on child pornography charges makes a startling statement to investigators. "He admitted having a sexual attraction towards children- towards his students." said US Prosecutor Kyle Rossi. Rolland Yockel II is under arrest and being held in a federal detention center.

Rossi went on to say there is no evidence that any of those children here were victimized but court documents paint a disturbing and frightening portrait for parents of the Brockport school district and elsewhere where Yockel was employed as a substitute teacher.

This week Homeland Security agents raided the Hilton home Yockel shares with his parents they seized a cell phone and gray laptop. According to court papers that's where they also found pornography depicting the rape of young girls by adults. "The internet has become a vehicle at which child pornography is traded at an incredible rate and volume," said Rossi.

Yockel allegedly logged on to Chatstep using the fake identity Ryancba. He was able to access chat rooms that allowed him to send and receive graphic images of girls aged 4 to 7 on two occassions- in May and July. The sites also allow users to mask their identity.

A New Zealand investigation uncovered the chat rooms - and agents there alerted Homeland Securty in the US who tracked the identity of Ryancba to a computer in Hilton. Forensic experts will now comb the computer and phone to see if there are additional images of child pornography. They also recovered undergarments beneath his mattress.

After the raid Yockel allegedly told authorities that he was addicted to child pornography and that he was sexually attracted to his students. He said he had the same thoughts about children while he worked as a camp counselor with the Hamlin Recreation Center.

Court documents spell out a separate incident where Yockel claims to having physical contact with a female child cared for by his mother who was a babysitter. He describes holding the girl in his lap in a sexual way and said he would have taken it further if he was left alone with her. Yockel provided authorities with the name of the child and police are now contacting the family.

Police are now asking parents who know Yockel to have a careful conversation with their children. Deb Rosen is the Director of Bivona Child Advocacy Center. "They should state that they are aware something bad happened to children," she said. "Parents should be cautious about not suggesting or leading their children in conversation and ask open-ended questions.

Parents with questions are urged to call Bivona at 935-7800.

Parents with information for investigators are urged to call Buffalo's Homeland Security office at 716-464-5923.

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