Cousin of Trooper Joel Davis says he was 'like a brother' to her

Trooper Joel Davis was killed in the line of duty Sunday.

TOWN OF PHILADELPHIA, N.Y.---The moment Christina Mattingly got the call that Trooper Joel Davis had been shot, she was in disbelief.

"I was just thinking if I had please let it just be like nothing the key where is a bulletproof vest he's got to be OK he's got back up but in my head just thinking it can't be that bad," said Mattingly.

But then another text came, this time saying he had succumbed to his injuries.

She booked a bus ticket from Boston to the Town of Philadelphia Immediately.

She says he was always making others smile.

"He really cared about his family yes obviously he was going to his job and he died a hero but more importantly he was a good dad and a really good son," said Mattingly.

She says they grew up cracking jokes and bantering about sports-a special bond they shared.

Now that he's gone she says those are thing she'll hold onto.

She just wants everyone to know the kind of man he was.

"He was just like that person he was like always very sensitive caring thoughtful and just funny you know funny," said Mattingly.

She says it hasn't really hit her or other family members yet, but now it's about coming together to honor the good cousin, father, husband and friend that he was.

"It's hard for us you know as a family it's just a lot of tears going on right now a lot of reminiscing but he was just so incredible I feel like I lost a brother," she said.

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