Crews prepare as snow begins to fall in north country

Crews prepare as snow begins to fall in the north country

Copenhagen has been named the snowiest place in New York state for obvious reasons.

The highway department in Barnes Corners says they've been ready for three weeks for serious snow fall. Each plow route takes about three hours to complete.

Highway Superintendent Don Cook says the crews are trained and plows are suited up, but working in snowy weather is always challenging for them.

"Basically when we get to lake effect snow that's very fluffy and light, the wind is always blowing up here 10 to 15 miles an hour and it becomes impossible at times to see. The plows have to slow down sometimes to a crawl," Cook said.

The rule around here is that three inches of snow send the plows out.

And they do this with what you might think is a remarkably small staff. Just six people, who may find themselves all called into work tonight.

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