Crouse celebrates its own 'royal baby'

Miles Rastetter and his parents

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have something in common with a Central New York couple. Both families now have a royal baby.

Miles Rastetter was born at Crouse Hospital on Monday just 40 minutes after the royal baby. He was the winner of a contest at the hospital for the baby delivered closest to the royal baby. Hospital staff gave the baby gifts to celebrate the royal birth. Shana Rastetter says she knew early on her baby and the royal baby could be born on the same day.

"When I found out I was pregnant Kate Middleton found out at the same time or course and everyone was saying oh the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pregnant too
," Shana Rastetter said. "Than they happened to be born on the same day. It's a coincidence."

The Rastetters, who just moved to Camillus from Pittsburgh, say they're grateful little Miles will always be known as Central New York's royal baby.

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