'Cuse Pit Crew working on changes in NY animal cruelty laws

Nessie is up for adoption from Cuse Pit Crew, but as she visited we also talked about the latest efforts to put more teeth in New York's animal cruelty laws

There's about to be a new push to move regulations on protecting 'companion animals' from the NY Agriculture & Market regulations to the NY Penal Code, with the expectation that penalties for cruelty could be toughened up.
"Bella's Bill" is being introduced in the State Legislature this session, and as part of the effort, there's an information session on the changes, scheduled for next month.

'Cuse Pit Crew and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a California-based not for profit (which ranks NY #33 on the list of 50 states for tough stands on animal cruelty) are sponsoring the session at SU's College of Law on March 7th, 7 - 9pm.
It's free and open to all.

'Nessie' joined Stefanie Heath in this morning's visit: the fully grown, but petite dog (possibly a boxer-sharpei mix) is was chained outside in the elements, and seized by Syracuse Animal Control, but is now ready for adoption through 'Cuse Pit Crew.
A quick look at our conversation shows what a loving dog she is...

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