Cynthia Nixon makes campaign stop in Syracuse

Cynthia Nixon (D) made a campaign stop in Syracuse at the Southwest Community Center.

Cynthia Nixon actress turned New York candidate for Governor stopped in Central New York Thursday morning, joking with our cameras about the surprise snow overnight on her way into the Southwest Community Center.

"Our interactions are much deeper because people know that I'm running for Governor and so people know that they have a chance to talk to me about their lives and the things that they would like the next governor to do," explained Nixon.

Our cameras weren't allowed into the discussion, but Nixon tells us constituents were honest and emotional about issues like access to affordable housing and education.

"Parents were talking to me today about some of the conditions in the schools with lead paint and with mold and with asbestos and concerns about school resource officers obviously that's on everybody's mind in Syracuse right now," said Nixon.

Nixon said economic development in the city of Syracuse is a big concern.

"What I was hearing is that we need greater participation in economic development here," said Nixon, "so when things like I-81 are being built, we need to make sure there are, Syracuse, Syracusians working on these projects."

We found one Syracuse mom, Misse Ross- a supporter of Nixon who went to the closed meeting.

"She really cares and she wants to see change and her head's in the right place. I mean, she's been a public school advocate she's been involved in advocacy all around, and that's what we need is we need people who really care about the people," said Ross.

Ross says she plans to start knocking on doors in support in the coming weeks as Nixon continues her run.

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