WATCH: Dancing at rap concert damages floor at Ithaca College

    Atlanta-based rapper J.I.D "brought down the house" at Ithaca College on Saturday night, and it came with some damage.

    Dancing at the concert caused the floor to crack at the Campus Center's Emerson Suites.

    School officials said audience members began dancing in a synchronized jumping rhythm, which caused the floor to visibly shake, flexing the ceiling of the IC Square food court one floor below. Some sheet rock in the IC Square ceiling also cracked, and small pieces of it fell to the floor.

    Campus Center management and the Office of Public Safety said they worked with the rapper to stop the jumping, and the show ended safely. No one was hurt, and both rooms were safely cleared with no injuries reported.

    School officials announced Sunday two spaces on campus were closed, due to damage from the concert. Officials say they will remain closed until a structural assessment can be conducted by an engineer.

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