Deputies investigating after 25-year-old woman was injured in hit-and-run crash

Deputies are investigating after a 25-year-old woman was injured in a hit-and-run crash.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a 25-year-old woman was injured in a hit and run cash in Mattydale on Nov. 5.

The photos of Kelsea Natalie, who says she was hit by a truck while crossing Brewerton Road in Mattydale, may be disturbing to some people.

Natalie says she had just gotten coffee and was heading home towards Hinsdale Road.

"Witnesses say a black truck turned right out of Hinsdale Road and hit her and left the scene," Jessie Gronachan said.

Gronachan says she has been friends with Natalie for a long time.

"I met her through a job, and we instantly became best friends," she added.

According to Gronachan, witnesses told Natalie she flew 10-15 feet in the air.

"Kelsea actually got up and walked the rest of the way home. She had a huge gash bloody gash down her forehead. She was in shock and didn't know what happened," she added.

CNYCentral spoke with Natalie on the phone Wednesday. She says she was spaced out and didn't know she was hit so, she got up and kept walking. Witnesses who saw what happened followed her, and immediately called 911. Natalie is recovering from a hematoma, a broken bone in her neck, a broken toe, and clavicle.

"She's suffering, and she's in so much pain, and the person's just walking around not even knowing if the human being they hit is alive or not," Gronachan said.

Deputies say they are investigating, but haven't found the driver. Gronachan says the intersection where Natalie was hit is always busy and there are no crosswalks and is hoping someone comes forward.

"After her accident, she's changed. She's become more depressed, and she wants justice, and it's not fair, and I want justice for her too."

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