Deputies warn vehicle break-ins are on the rise in Onondaga County

The Town of Salina shared video of an attempted break-in on Monday.

Deputies say they've seen an increase in vehicle break-ins in parts of Onondaga County and are urging the public to heed their warning.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office says there has been a "rash" of vehicle break-ins in the Lyncourt and Pompey area. In one case, two "youths" were seen on surveillance video in Lyncourt taking keys from a Jeep Wrangler after unzipping a window to get inside. They then tried to use those keys to get into a nearby home, but were unsuccessful. Video of that incident was shared by the Town of Salina.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, several people in Pompey awoke to find their vehicles had been entered and some items were missing. Both sets of incidents are under investigation, however the sheriff's office does not believe the two are related.

Deputies are asking the public to take "reasonable precautions" to reduce the chances of a theft.

"Most auto-related thefts are crimes of opportunity. All too many drivers leave valuable items in plain sight, greatly increasing the chances of a break-in," the sheriff's office said in a release.

Deputies say in many cases the targeted vehicle was unlocked, however they say locking your doors alone isn't enough to deter a thief, who could opt to smash a window. To reduce the chances of being targeted, the sheriff's office says you should make sure highly-targeted items like purses, GPS systems and other electronics are not left in view.

In many cases, thieves target vehicles in the late night and early morning hours while most people are asleep, the sheriff's office says.

"Additionally, shopping center parking lots are prime spots for crime and that’s why the Sheriff's Office is recommending that before reaching your destination, drivers place GPS units and other valuable items out of sight," the sheriff's office said in a release. "Purses and wallets should be locked in the trunk and motorists should park in busy, well-lit areas, lock all doors and don't leave any indication that a vehicle may contain valuables.

"Alarms and other anti-theft devices may discourage thieves."

If you see any suspicious activity, the sheriff's office says it should be reported to local police immediately.

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