Diapers: more than keeping baby bottoms clean

CNY's Diaper Bank is asking for more help in collecting enough disposables for needy families.

The Central NY Diaper Bank is looking for help in collecting enough supplies, to get more disposables to more needy families in Central New York. Its founder says it's all about a lot more than just supplying diapers.

Michela Hugo was our guest on Saturday morning's Weekend Today in Central New York, and is thrilled at the awareness building and outreach that's coming with the Diaper Bank's new partnership with Crouse Hospitals.

Nurses at the hospital have started talking to new moms about diaper needs, with eligible new babies leaving the hospital with 50 disposables, and information on agencies that can provide more diapers once they're home. There are 23 partner agencies that distribute right now.

Paying for diapers puts an extra budgeting burden on needy families, because they're not covered by the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) or SNAP supplemental programs.

Hugo points out that one in three women here has diaper needs, usually as a consequence of poverty. Not having clean diapers increases babies' chance of rash or more serious diseases, which means more stress, and often lost work time for mom.

In addition to distribution, Hugo is looking at ways to increase donations. She would like to see 'Baby Love' or 'Dollars for Diapers' drive for Valentine's Day. Donations can also be dropped off at the Diaper Bank, in Shoppingtown Mall.

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