Doctors warn of frostbite as temps drop in Central New York

Doctors say we should limit our time outdoors during this cold snap (Courtesy: MGN Online).

Doctors in Central New York are issuing reminders on the signs and symptoms of frostbite as the wind chill temperatures fall well below zero.

“I’ve been here for a while and the cold weather is too much,” Samuel Ocasio, of North Syracuse said while shoveling this weekend.

Frostbite is something doctors like James Steinman at WellNow Urgent Care in Fairmount says most of us don’t take seriously enough.

“The worst-case scenario is that people will actually be in a situation where the circulation to the finger or nose or ear is so impairing that they will lose that part of their limb,” Dr. Steinman said.

If you are out shoveling in the bitter cold, Dr. Steinman says to pay extra attention to how your toes and hands feel and how they look.

“People will see their fingers or their nose turning white or purple initially. When it becomes severe it can turn black like an ugly scar."

In the prevention of frost bite, Dr. Steinman says limit your time outdoors, while also wearing multiple loose layers of clothing. air will trap between the layers and act as insulation.

"That’s where I’ve seen it happen people will be out there getting a hold in their glove they’ll have that one little area exposed and that’s where you get the frostbite,” Dr. Steinman said.

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