Dog missing since November is found!

This was 'Arnold's mug shot, for a wanted poster in November. Now , after 3 months, he's been found, because volunteers never gave up looking for him.

We first told you about Arnold last November: The dog had been adopted from Second Chance Rescue in Jamesville, and was on his way to his new home, when he slipped his collar and ran off.

Volunteers began looking for him, posted 'lost dog' fliers, and spread the word about the dog in the East Syracuse-North Midler Avenue area.

Despite continuing searches and outreach, including a hefty reward, there were no positives. Until February 8th.

Volunteer Sarah LoGiudice got a Facebook post about a dog that was apparently 'camping out' on the side of a home in East Syracuse. She went close, saw him, and then began to make a plan to catch him. That involved a drive to Pennsylvania to pick up a special trap from another 'dog person.'

'Arnold' went into the trap, two days in a row, but it did not shut (they figure it was frozen)--and then a colony of feral cats took it over! So much for Plan A...

Last Monday, they got a report of another Arnold sighting, this time in Fremont, about 5 miles away. They figure he got there by following railroad tracks, was exhausted, and had holed up in a flower garden. Volunteers dropped off food.

By last Tuesday morning he was back in the Village of East Syracuse, at the same house with the feral cats. Volunteers 'encouraged' the cats to leave (with catnip, chicken and tuna), set up the trap and put out goulash for the dog. That night they caught him.

'Arnold' is now back with his original adopting family. He has been re-named Rocco (after St. Rocco, the patron saint of dogs).

Many thanks to the many Second Chance volunteers (and their friends) who NEVER gave up searching for this lost soul. Where he was, and how he survived three months of wintry weather, may forever be a mystery.

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