Dorm-like apartments being developed in downtown Syracuse

Dorm-like apartments for adults developing in downtown Syracuse

The fourth floor of 201 East Jefferson Street in downtown Syracuse has been ripped apart and opened up. Construction crews are turning an old space into a modern concept. The floor will become a "co-living" space with 21 small apartments. Developers Troy Evans and John Talarico have a markings on the floor that show how each unit will have a small living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and even a kitchen contained within 300 square feet.

"Cabinetry with a counter top, sink a little micro kitchen," said Talarico.

The middle of the fourth floor will be shared community space including a game room, a chef's kitchen and a lounge. There will even be a social planner helping organize group events. Evans and Talarico know the comparisons to a college dorm are undeniable.

"It is something we have cringed at but are learning to accept for two reasons. Some of my best friends were made in dorm settings and we're trying to take the best parts of dorm life and merge them with a normal apartment style," said Evans.

In 2012, Evans and Talarico opened a co-working space in the building. 70 self-employed professionals have signed up to work out of the desks, conference rooms and small offices in the space. The two men believe the interest in co-working will extend to co-living. Leases will be short term, the apartments are fully furnished and will rent at around $850 a month. That would place the co-living rents at about twenty five percent lower than other downtown apartments. Talarico and Evans believe the concept will be very appealing to young millennials and others who don't like the isolation of traditional apartment complexes.

"They like to spend their money experiencing life. Going to restaurants, going to shows and living life not buying things accumulating stuff," said Talarico.

The co-living space is on track to open in May. The developers expect some skepticism but as word spreads, there has already been a lot of interest in the apartments under construction

"We are creating a waiting list. We are going through requests from hundreds of people from all around the world actually," said Evans.

There will be an open meeting for anyone interested in the co-living apartments on January 6th from 5 to 7pm at 201 East Jefferson Street.

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