Dozens march for worker rights in Syracuse

Dozens march for worker rights in Syracuse

Dozens of people took to the streets in downtown Syracuse to recognize International Worker's Day.

Christopher Travis and the Workers' Center of Central New York helped organize the march and rally.

"We noticed not only increased pressures since the Trump administration came in, but also that there is a real undercurrent of anti-worker sentiment in this country," Travis said.

Immigrants and natural born citizens of all ages stood in solidarity for better working conditions, higher pay and fair treatment in the workplace.

"The themes I'm hearing today are unionization and coming together as a community," said Travis.

Peter Mares made it to the rally from Wayne County. Mares immigrated from Mexico when he was young and moved to Central New York in the late 1990s. His passion is helping migrant workers, and he see much of their suffering firsthand.

"I've seen families detained because they were on their way to work and then they're put into the immigration system and what were they doing? They were going from their houses to work," Mares said.

The struggle can be just as back-breaking for naturalized citizens like Mark Saintfleur who fled his native county, Haiti, because he feared for his life. Saintfleur says he needs to work up to sixty hour weeks just to get by.

"There's got to be change. If there's not change's 2017 when is there going to be change? When will there be equal opportunity for immigrants?" Saintfleur asked.

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