Dream come true for a CNY Beatles fan

Dream come true for a CNY Beatles fan

To tell the story of a night of music history, start by talking to the very people who got here hours ahead of time to see the music legend.

Like Nancy Chamberlain, who has history all her own.

"Beatles posters in my room since the time I was 13 14, plastered all over my walls, listened to them all the time," Nancy Chamberlain from Fair Haven said.

Time passed, the band broke up, and she thought her chance to see the legend had passed.

"Then one day my husband said, 'if you could see anybody for your birthday, who would it be?' I named off a few people and he said 'no' and then I said, 'Paul McCartney?' and he said 'yes,' and I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe it," Chamberlain said.

Nancy's husband Don Chamberlain said, "it was priceless. It brought me to tears, I haven't done that to her in a long time."

But this certainly is not an isolated story, thousands of people covered every inch of the SU campus.

"When you think of the Beatles, you really do think of John and Paul. In that order. But Paul is here, we are going to make the most of it, it will be a fantastic night," concert goer Mark Hard said.

In short form?

"It's the dream of a lifetime," Nancy Chamberlain said.

While one woman did actually leave prior to the concert due to the heat, roars from what we were told was a hot and muggy Carrier Dome, could be heard throughout the night.

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