Driver confronted after speeding past school bus in Rome

The New York School Bus Contractors Association says cars illegally passing a school bus happens 40,000 times each school day in NY.

A video taken by Kim Clothakis, who was in the passenger seat while her husband drove, shows a car speeding past a school bus. Kim and Manny were driving on South James Street in Rome on Tuesday. She immediately began recording because she felt something bad was going to happen.

The video was posted to her Facebook and shows the light turning green as the car is passing the bus. The car then cuts in front of it, and the bus has to slam on its breaks.

For both Kim and Manny, this hits close to home for them.

"I've had children riding buses, and we have friends that have young children, and everybody does really I mean you know someone who has a small child on a bus, so it's scary," Kim said.

The next day, Manny said he happened to run into the same driver in a Rite Aid parking lot. He compared the license plate in the video to the one in the lot which he said matched. He felt compelled to confront him and show him what his wife shot. In the video, the man can be heard saying he doesn't remember doing that.

"It's just unacceptable especially when there's children involved and the safety of others," Manny said.

The "New York School Bus Contractors Association" reports that this incident is something that happens up to 40,000 times each school day in this state.

In October that group renewed its call on state lawmakers to pass legislation that requires at least one question on school bus safety be added to the driver license exam. It's a bill that's gone nowhere in Albany.

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