Drivers say I-690 is dangerous after five-vehicle crash

5 vehicle crash.png

Just a day after the five-vehicle crash that shut down Interstate-690, drivers are still talking about it.

Syracuse Police said they are still working to determine how the toddler was thrown from the car, and if they were secured in a car seat.

Drivers say I-690 can be dangerous to navigate.

"I don't. I avoid it at all costs. I never drive on it. I don't like it. It is too dangerous. People are crazy," Diana Carrara said.

"I hate driving on 690. It's one of the hardest places to drive in Syracuse," Andre Douglas said.

"Pretty chaotic. Especially at those major intersections where people are either merging on or getting off and realizing too late that it's their time to get off and jetting into the other lanes of traffic," Katie Oja said.

Wednesday's crash shut down a major artery just people were starting their drive home from work. Drivers called the crash devastating, but not surprising.

"Doesn't shock me. It's sad to hear definitely, but it doesn't shock me it's such a hard place to drive everything. It's not really great for cars to be on period," Douglas added.

"Especially in those five o'clock time ranges people aren't paying attention they're not looking at the car in front of them not realizing that people have to stop so suddenly in front of them not leaving enough room to do so," Oja said.

CNYCentral did reach out the State Department of Transportation to see if they had video of the crash. A spokesperson did say they have cameras, but they don't record what is captured on them.

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