Emergency Communications Center recalls night of Midland Avenue shooting

A look inside the Onondaga County Emergency Communications Center. (CNY Central)

When calls of multiple people shot poured into the Onondaga County Emergency Communications Center, a dedicated team of dispatchers, the first..first responders kept their composure and worked together.

Five people, including an 8-year-old girl, were injured in a shooting Thursday night.

"Call-takers continued to take information to help identify potential suspects or safety risks to the officers," said Bill Bleyle, the emergency center commissioner.

911 dispatchers work with more than just police. Teams are assigned to work with fire departments, AMR and the hospitals to let everyone get prepared.

Experts in communication Bleyle said helped save lives that night.

"We have a symphony of technology as well as people, when something like this happens I think we're at our best," said Bleyle.

It takes extensive training to become a dispatcher, but the training never stops.

"We're a 24/7 365 operation and we continue training all the time," said the commissioner. "That particular night we had training and we suspended it and got them out on the floor."

Even in situations where extra assistance is required, the rest of the world continues. Bleyle said the day of the Midland Avenue shooting, dispatchers took nearly 1400 other 911 calls.

"They are really the true heroes in this situation. The next day I went in and let the people know they did a great job i was very proud of the work that they do and they are truly our best asset here."

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