Even lower humidity develops this afternoon, what’s new with the weekend forecast?

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Good morning! Here is what you need to know before you go.

Temperatures around sunrise are mainly be between 65 and 70. However, the coolest countryside locations of the central and southern tier are between 60 and 64. Numbers should rise into the middle 70s by the end of the morning.

A cold front will be moving through central New York this morning. There will be some extra cloud cover near and behind this system. I cannot rule out a widely isolated shower, downpour, or brief thundershower as this pushes across our area. Otherwise, from north to south, expect clouds to give way to some intervals of sunshine. Localized valley fog across the central and southern tier will burn off.

During this afternoon, clouds will continue to give way to increasing sunshine from north to south. A brief pop-up shower or thundershower may occur over the central and southern tier before exiting this afternoon. The air will feel even more refreshing this afternoon. High temperatures should be in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

I have attached a video forecast showing an hour-by-hour progression of today’s weather hour-by-hour and place-by-place across central New York.

After many afternoons this week with very sticky, oppressive and thick humidity values, some relief occurred yesterday afternoon. Dew points dropped yesterday from 70 to 64. These dew points should drop into the upper to middle 50s this afternoon, which should make it feel even more comfortable.

I have attached another video forecast showing you how the dew points get much lower. This same video also shows you the Dog Walking forecast, the Hoffman’s Grilling forecast, and the weekend outlook.

We continue to watch southern moisture for this weekend. As I have been telling you, heavier cloud coverage with numerous rain showers and thunderstorms will not be far away from our area from Saturday morning through Sunday evening.

I have attached yet another video forecast giving you specific details regarding what happens hour-by-hour and place-by-place across central New York and surrounding areas.

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