Exclusive look inside new Icon Tower in downtown Syracuse

Exclusive look inside new Icon Tower in downtown Syracuse

A once empty building in downtown Syracuse is now coming to life.

The ten story former Blue Cross, Blue Shield building located on the corner of East Fayette and South Warren Streets has been vacant since 2008, leaving a large hole in downtown Syracuse's commercial real estate.

However, the structure has since been revitalized and is now one of forty downtown apartment buildings.

CNYCentral got an exclusive look inside the new Icon Tower which is getting new life as a place to live.

Last August, businesses started to move into the building and just two months ago, tenants also started moving into some of the brand new apartments.

People like Alan Moon, who use to live in the suburbs, are now flocking to downtown and moving into a recently vacant building.

"You go down to Armory Square almost any night and there's tons of people down there. Tonight they're having a show at the Landmark and there's hundreds of people and it's great," Moon exclaimed.

Icon is the company behind the newly designed building. It boasts of two rare finds for downtown living, a fitness center and indoor park.

Tenants say best of all is the benefit the building will bring to downtown, a transformation of a building that was once office space for 800 people and is now a top of the line place to live.

"It's great what's been happening lately. My dad and everyone else who comes down here says the same thing. It's great to see the place coming back to life," P.J. Hart explained.

Even if you may not be interested in living in one of the remaining 12 apartments, the Italian restaurant Fabio's promises to please. All of the tables in the restaurant along with the chandeliers were crafted on site. They plan on opening in another month or two.

Overall, the building offers 100 jobs, between the private businesses on the first floor, the restaurant and the company overseeing Icon itself.

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