Experts weigh in on security and safety after the school shooting in Texas


A CNY company focuses on security, support, and providing resources after mass shootings is on the ground in Santa Fe Texas.

"It's sad to us, we continue to see these occurring, and we know we represent quality solutions in response to these types of events," Mark Techmanski said.

Techmanski is the vice president of emergency management planning and operations for Armoured One. Armoured One goes to places after a tragedy has happened to help. He says being present after a school shooting, is life changing.

"It weighs heavily on our hearts, I have kids that I want to be able to protect, and everyone else does as well," Techmanski said.

Schools all over the country and even the world are calling Armoured One to train and prepare teachers, students, and now bus drivers for active shooters. They bring years of experience in law enforcement and as members of a swat team or bomb squad.

"We've worked so hard and continue to work so hard establishing this system of these overlapping security concerns, overlapping tactics, procedures and layers of security designed to slow down attacks," Techmanski said.

Now, others are weighing in on the school shootings. Some are disagreeing with tactics saying companies are looking past simple tested options.

"A lot of these solutions being offered aren't necessarily based in any sort of evidence, they're not imperially tested, and there's nothing behind it that says this will absolutely work," Dr. Jaclyn Schildkraut said.

Dr. Schildkraut is a mass shooting expert from SUNY Oswego. She says many schools do not have the proper locks from inside the classroom. She believes they are ignoring how effective being able to securely lock entry points could be.

"We're failing these students, we identify time and time again best practices that work, that could save lives, but we saw again today there was a failure of devices to be implemented," Dr. Schildkraut said.

Both sides, wanting violence to end and wanting safety for students and teachers.

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