Fair-goers disappointed after three Chevy Court acts cancel


GEDDES, N.Y. -- A major draw for fair-goers each year is the Chevy Court stage where talented musicians play for free.

"I got to one every year, basically whoever's playing there, it's usually, they got some big name guys that play there," said Alex Potts.

Three big names, D.J. Khalid, Post Malone and Tinashe all canceled their gigs. Fair officials say they aren't panicking; they've had other acts cancel before.

"At least D.J. Khalid and Post Malone you know, they canceled for good reason they're gonna play the MTV Music Awards which you can't blame anybody for that," explained acting director Troy Waffner.

Fair officials say feedback after booking D.J. Khalid and Post Malone was all positive.

"Even though people don't technically pay for a ticket they still get very disappointed when their artists cancel and we get disappointed too cause it affects our lineup it affects the diversity of our lineup," said Waffner.

Some fans are not taking the news well especially with Post Malone's Salt City ties. He was born here.

"I think it's horrible because I loved his album that just dropped. I listened to it all the way through two days ago. I think it was great I thought it had a great sound I was excited to see him," said Adam Cleary.

Fair officials say they're willing to spend big money to get acts that people will enjoy.

"I can't remember if it's happened exactly like this but we've had ... a couple years ago we had several cancellations and we filled them all," said Waffner.

But fair-goers say they're waiting to see what officials come up with.

"Kind of sucks you know just cause they planned this out a while ago it's hard to find a big-name act to replace that on short notice so you know, who's gonna replace it or if anybody's going to replace it," said Potts.

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