Families enjoy Chevy Court concert geared toward younger fair-goers

Families enjoy Chevy Court concert geared toward younger fair-goers

GEDDES, N.Y.---We saw Chevy Court filling up with fair-going families for this young artist on the rise-Daya.

Fair officials say they try to have acts each year that cater to every kind of fair-goer, no matter their age.

Megan Praci and her family came from Auburn.

"We did the rides we did the food of course we tried to watch a couple of the shows, and now we're here for the concert," said Praci.

She says it's great that this concert tonight is one her whole family can enjoy but she wants to see more.

"I would say like a 25 and older audience or even the family friendly events are more geared towards the 10 and under. So it's really hard to find things that are age-appropriate and that aren't a safety risk," said Praci.

Fallon O'Connor is here with her parents from Utica to see Daya.

"I've heard a couple of her songs. MK: What's your favorite? FALLON: I like the "sit still look pretty," said the 12 year-old.

Her mom Sommer says she'd like a little more variety at Chevy Court shows too.

"This year I think maybe two,it seems like it's geared towards a lot of older bands and bands that have been around, so definitely think if they could add a couple more from the younger crowd in," said O'Connor.

But no matter who's playing, Megan says she always feels safe and secure with her family at a show.

"Always a family-friendly event is something we can all enjoy, that's something we look for," said O'Connor.

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