Family, friends share stories remembering 'Coach Mac'

Coach Mac is being remembered as a great football coach, but he was also genuinely caring and supportive of efforts to make this community better

Inside Hendricks Chapel it was all about faith, family and football.

From his roots in Maine, to his home in Syracuse, and every stop football took him along the way, for Coach Mac, nothing came before family.

"He's more than just a man, he's more than just a grandfather and a papa, he's more than a husband, a father, or a coach. He's truly one of a kind. He's the kind of person who loves you so much it makes your heart want to explode," said his granddaughter Molly Sweeney.

After thanking everyone for the love, his daughter Maureen MacPherson recalled one of the funnier stories about her father.

Before a game at Penn State, he found a church to light a candle and pray in. Before walking out he saw Penn State Coach Joe Paterno walk in to do the same.

"They didn't say hello to each other, I don't know if Joe Paterno saw him, but Paterno also prayed and lit a candle and left. Then my dad got up and blew out Joe Paterno's," Maureen MacPherson laughed.

SU alum and sports broadcaster Sean McDonough said Coach Mac took him under his wing during his time at the university. They worked together until financial hardship kept McDonough from returning for the following semester. McDonough called Coach Mac and thanked him for everything, informing him he was about $3,600 short on tuition and wouldn't be returning.

"Within a day or two of our phone call, before I could withdraw from SU, I received a phone call from the university informing me that I was receiving an academic scholarship of approximately four thousand dollars for the coming semester," McDonough said.

Denying any involvement in the financial award, Coach Mac welcomed him back.

He treated him like so many others during his life - like they were the most important person in the world.

"God love you papa. Heaven is a little more orange now because of you," said his granddaughter.

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