Relative of Fitch St. fire victims is charged with robbery; Friend says she is innocent

Minnie DuBois and Luis Rosa are accused of robbing and attacking a man.

This past Saturday was somber for family and friends who loved Susan Wagner and Korinna, Michael and Hunter DuBois.

That was the day they said their final goodbyes at St. Lucy's Church in Syracuse. Those four people died over several days after a fire on Fitch Street two weeks ago.

"It ended at around like, wanna say almost 1:30, and that's when we were getting ready to carry the caskets out so we could do the funeral line," said family friend Leona Snell.

Leona Snell said Susan's daughter, Minnie Dubois, was sitting next to her at the funeral that afternoon.

That also happens to be the time that Syracuse Police now said Minnie Dubois and her boyfriend, Luis Rosa, were allegedly attacking and robbing a man on N. Salina Street.

Minnie Dubois and Rosa were arrested and charged on Saturday. The victim of the attack told police he dropped his cell phone and car keys during the attack and he saw Dubois taking his property. The victim tried to get the items back, but police said Dubois pulled out a knife and threatened him with it.

Rosa then allegedly smashed the victim's cell phone on the ground before he and Dubois got into a vehicle and drove away.

Police located Rosa and Dubois at their residence. They were taken into custody without incident.

According to court documents obtained by CNYCentral, the incident happened around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

But Snell said that is impossible.

"It's just very emotional. We don't understand why someone would sit there and accuse these guys of something like that when we were all in a church mourning, you know? We don't understand," Snell said.

Court documents name Michael Gillette as the man who said the two attacked and robbed him.

Snell said they don't know Gillette and that it's unfair for her friends to sit in jail.

"Now she has to sit in there, alone? She has nobody, You know, it's hard," Snell said. "We don't want her there anymore. It's not fair. she shouldn't be there. She didn't do anything, neither one of them did anything. They couldn't have. They were with all of us," Snell said.

The Onondaga County District Attorney said his office is looking into their claim of an alibi.

Syracuse Police said Gillette told them Minnie was one of the people who attacked him.

She is due back in Syracuse City Court next week.

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