Family of victim in crash involving Jim Boeheim: It's too soon for him to coach

Jorge Jimenez, 51, died after being hit by Coach Jim Boeheim's SUV (Photo provided by family).

"I just wish I could've seen him one more time, and tell him that I love him," said Brian Hernandez, the stepson of Jorge Jimenez.

Hernandez says Jimenez, 51, raised him from the time he was 6-months-old with his mother Caridad Batista.

He says he was a great cook and loved baseball, Hernandez said.

"He's always been that father-figure for me, always. You know like, we would go fishing together, he would introduce me to his friends."

But Wednesday night's car crash on I-690 involving Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim took Jimenez away.

His mother says she took the call from the hospital.

"Entonces me dijo que jorge avia tenio un accidente que estava en el hospital y yo dije un accidente? Como que un accidente si hara unos cuantos minutos yo hable con el. Y hasta mas me dijo yo me voy a acostar," said Batista in Spanish.

Which translates to: "Then she told me Jorge had been in an accident and was in the hospital. I said an accident? What do you mean an accident, I talked to him minutes ago and he told me he was going to lay down. "

Batista says she and Jimenez came to the United States separately and met in Syracuse.

Together they have four children.

"Yo me siento muy triste, me siento muy triste porque yo no esperava que el iva a llevar una muerte asi,"Batista continued, meaning : "I feel very sad, very sad because I wasn't expecting him to have a death like this."

As this family tries to make sense of what happened, the news of Coach Boeheim's decision to return to the court Saturday is not sitting well with them.

"Yo me siento mal porque este es un momento donde la familia tiene tristeza, dolor. Y no entiendo como el va a realizar un juego sin pensar en esa familia en sus hijos que estan llorando todas las noches," said Batista, translating to : "I feel very bad because this is a moment where the family is filled with sadness and pain. I don't understand how he's (Boeheim) going to coach the game without thinking about that family, about his sons who are crying all night."

"It was so recently and for him to have this game going on, I just don' we're still hurting about it like, I don't think it's okay," said Hernandez.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the funeral costs for Jimenez. To donate, click here.

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