Fans for families: A push to help cool off Syracuse

Volunteers Olivier Nshimiye and Mookpol Wait help unload fans for northside families. (CNY Central)

The heat can be brutal for people without air conditioning, even worse if you don't have fans.

Henninger High School teacher Joyce Suslovic is leading a group of volunteers delivering fans to families in need. A cool way to give back to the Northside community.

"People are so appreciative," said Suslovic.

"When I walk into the houses initially it's really really hot. It's unbearable. As soon as you turn the fan on, everyone clusters around that fan. If we have one or two fans we can get going, that's huge," she added.

Many of the families are new to the U.S.

Helping hand out fans today were college students and Syracuse natives Olivier Nshimiye and Mookpol Wait. The two Rochester Institute of Technology sophomores said they know the hardship of trying to stay cool in Syracuse as new residents.

"In the beginning, we faced a lot of struggles," said Wait. "An A.C. problem, we didn't have any fans, and she's doing this, and it's really good for the people here."

Fan donations can be delivered to the Assumption Church on the 'gym entrance' side on Catawba Street starting Tuesday, July 10.

If you have any questions or would like to drop off before July 10, contact Joyce Suslovic at 315-450-4429.

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