Fayetteville home linked to drug trafficking, neighbors in disbelief

Fayetteville home linked to drug trafficking, neighbors in disbelief

There was an alarming discovery in a peaceful Fayetteville neighborhood when a home with the illusion of continuous construction projects turned out to be part of a convicted drug dealer's operation.

The home is located on 5188 Hoag Lane, right off of Fayetteville Manlius Road and just outside of the Village of Fayetteville.

Court documents CNYCentral obtained shows the home was owned by a man named Saladin Hadid.

The feds say Hadid had been paying cash to various suppliers of home construction materials to expand and renovate the home, which he picked up on foreclosure in 2012.

Hadid was arrested in January by drug enforcement agents and charged with trafficking three to five kilos of cocaine per month from downstate to Central New York. Investigators also say the discovered drugs and more than a quarter million dollars in cash in a stash house on Syracuse's South Side.

He was ordered to forfeit the home, plus $1 million in assets. Hadid pleaded not guilty and is now awaiting trial.

The home is now lined with zoning violation notices and currently owned by the federal government.

However, most houses in the neighborhood are well kept with perfectly mowed lawns.

"Most of the homes here are beautiful homes, well-kept, there's a lot of pride of ownership and then we have this thing behind us that has been an eyesore for the neighborhood for years," neighbor Paul Ross said.

Ross explained that living across from the house that has been a non-stop work in progress for nearly 20 years is not fun.

After the old house burned down years ago, Ross said it then had a string of bad owners.

The most recent, Saladin Hadid.

"I came over to introduce myself as a neighbor and he seemed to be rather dismissive so I decided to not be so neighborly and leave," Ross said. "We used to joke among the neighbors that boy this house is growing so fast and so big...who knows maybe a drug guy lives here."

Court documents revealed that Hadid had paid for everything he repaired on this house with cash, including $16,000 for an unfinished pool.

Ross said the fact that a drug dealer had anything to do with the neighborhood home is sad, but he is hopeful the government will auction the property off to bring a fresh start.

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