Fayetteville store prepares for possible apocalypse

Survival Adventure To Apocalypse

If TV shows like "The Walking Dead" have taught us anything, it is that most Americans are not ready for an apocalypse - zombie or otherwise. Now a new store in Fayetteville is offering water purification kits, freeze dried meals and emergency medical supplies to help families prepare for a disaster. Survival: Adventure to Apocalypse will open this Saturday and owner Calypso Ford has been filling her shop with everything from waterproof notepads to emergency dental first aid kits.

"If you break a tooth, you've got cement to fill your tooth in with," said Ford.

After Ford lost her accounting job last year, she used her military background to come up with the idea for a store unlike any other in the area.

"My son is in civil air patrol, and I was in the Navy and I had to buy a bunch of stuff for him - and I thought people might need this stuff," said Ford.

Even though the store hasn't opened yet, it's already attracting a lot of interest from both outdoor enthusiasts and people looking for survival supplies. The rugged outdoor supplies for pets intrigued Gary Slutzky. After all - boots for your dog could help on a winter hike or help a pet survive a trek across a burned out wasteland.

"There are a lot of camping stores around here but I guess no one gets to this end of the apocalypse part," said Slutzky.

David Francey from Fayetteville thought the idea for the store was interesting and planned on stopping in when it opened.

"Hopefully we won't need it but it's always good to be prepared," said Francey.

The store won't stock guns, but will have rope, food, and weatherproof supplies families could need during a natural disaster like a blizzard or hurricane.

Survival: Adventure to Apocalypse is located at 511 East Genesee Street in Fayetteville. Ford said it will stay open seven days a week unless the Mayan calendar is correct and the world ends on December 21st.

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