FBI releases crime rates for New York State

Do you know the crime rates in your city? How about the entire county? Well, the FBI has released data recently that can tell you how safe your community is.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has published crime statistics for the year 2009, broken down by state, city, county, and even state-run colleges in New York. In New York State, which according to the FBI report has a population of 19.5 million people, there were 75,176 ~violent TM crimes in the state in 2009. It comes as no surprise that more than half of those, 46,357, took place in New York City.

Locally, the region TMs largest metropolitan area (Syracuse) also has the largest total reports of violent crimes. With a metro population of 137,208, Syracuse reported 1,343 violent crimes, which included 18 murders, 70 forcible rapes, and 403 robberies. This compares to other large upstate cities such as:

Buffalo: 3,920 violent crimesAlbany: 1,007Rochester: 2,042

The FBI breaks down these crime statistics alphabetically by municipality. To view the various reports, and search for the statistics of your community, click on the following links:

Crime reports by state

Crime reports by county

Crime reports by city, village, and town

Crime reports by state school

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