Fire Chief: Shutting bedroom door saved Manlius family's home


Firefighters in Manlius say a family saved their home – and possibly their lives – from a fire over the weekend by doing one simple thing: closing the bedroom door.

The home on Prestwick Drive caught fire Sunday morning. Chief Brad Pinsky told CNYCentral the family closed the door to the room where the fire started, and then got out of the home.

When firefighters arrived, Chief Pinsky says the second floor was filled with smoke, and they found heavy fire in the kids’ bedroom, sparked by an electrical cord under a carpet.

“This is the lesson. This lesson did prove right,” Chief Pinsky said. “It saved the house. These people would have no home to go to most likely if the bedroom door had been opened.”

Firefighters were able to get the fire under control quickly and minimize damage to the home.

Chief Pinsky hopes this serves as a reminder to others to keep their bedroom doors closed before going to sleep, saying this simple step can save your life.

The Manlius Fire Department plans to use the family’s door for fire safety lessons.

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