Fire chief speaks out on Onondaga deadly car crash

Fire chief speaks out on Onondaga deadly car crash

It was a devastating crash that burned a car — leaving it in pieces.

Police said the driver was heading south on Kennedy Road around 4:48 a.m. Sunday when the car hit a tree. That tree then fell onto wires that caused the vehicle to go up in flames — a situation that was difficult for the Onondaga Nation, Nedrow and Sentinel Heights Fire Departments that responded to the scene.

"Four minutes after the call went out, we were on the scene and we tried to see if there was someone in the vehicle, and the fire was burning so hot that we had to back away," said Onondaga Nation's Chief Ronald Shenendoah.

That's the chief's biggest frustration: not being able to get into the car with enough time to save the driver. He said the victim could have been someone he knew.

"No verification on who was driving, but down here, we have pretty much a close community. Just about everybody knows everybody. Any time we get a call, it's scary because it could be anyone else's family that's in the fire," Shenandoah said.

He warned that this road is one to watch out for, especially at night, and drivers should pay close attention to the speed limit.

"It's just one of those country roads, you know? It doesn't have a really sharp bend but it has a curve in it," he said.

Chief Shenandoah is heartbroken for the family and friends of the victim.

"All firemen feel sympathy for his family that lost the individual," he said.

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