Firefighters stress the importance of working smoke detectors

Firefighters stress the importance of working smoke detectors.

The Watertown Fire Chief says just maybe the loss of life could have been prevented, if the smoke detectors in the home had batteries.

Lieutenant Chris Halliday of the Manlius Fire Department says hearing that, makes him even more passionate about his simple message.

"Without the smoke detectors being there your odds of being alerted are decreased by half, and the chances of a fatality are increased by 50% percent," said Lieutenant Halliday.

The department works with the Red Cross and their Sound the Alarm" program.

Everything you and your family needs is inside a box that they bring with them.

"We will come out to your home, we will install the smoke detectors for you in the proper places, and we'll make sure that your family is safe," explained Halliday, "we provide them with literature about escape plans, meeting places, cause its you know, there's more to it than just the smoke detector that's just the first step then your family has to have a plan about how they're going to get out of their home."

Halliday says you should have a smoke detector on every floor of your home, and the department will provide up to three, free of charge.

"We want everyone to of course test your smoke detectors once a month to make sure there's no problems with them," said Halliday.

It's one first-responder's plea, to keep you and your family safe.

"You hope you can prevent it from happening again by getting the message out to everybody," said Halliday.

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